Bedbugdot Testimonials

With so many people coming and going in my home, the bedbugdot early-warning system is my peace of mind. Simply checking the dots on a regular basis helps me know whether one of us brought home bed bugs from one of our outings.

Thanks bedbugdot for making my life less stressful!


The bed bug dot early warning detection system has enabled me to take a proactive approach to monitoring my home for the presence of bed bugs.

The system takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out where bed bugs may be hiding, thus enabling me to effectively keep a look out for their presence.

The peace of mind this product has given me is invaluable. I am confident, that with my vigilance, I will now be able to avoid an infestation.


I feel so much more confident knowing that I have a system in place that not only helps me understand all the places where bed bugs hide, but also assists me in finding bed bugs before they can reach an infestation level.


THANK YOU BEDBUGDOT PEOPLE! You are a life saver.

I had no clue that my teenage daughter had bed bugs in her room until one day I woke with bites. I actually thought I had an allergy of some kind at first.

After hearing about bed bugs in the news, I purchased the bedbugdot early-warning system. I read the book that came with the system which explained where bed bugs hide and showed me pictures of what the signs of bed bugs were.

I placed the dots in both my room and hers and started to check them every week when I changed our sheets. Within two weeks I saw fecal stains around the dots which was a good indication bed bugs were the problem with my mysterious rash.

I immediately called in a bed bug detection dog company and they confirmed that we had bed bugs. Without the system, months could have gone by and I could have been dealing with a  more serious situation had I not had the system in place.

The cost for treatment was much less than if I had not found them early. Thank you so much for giving me peace of mind, a much lower treatment cost and I will always have my dots in place and be checking them often.